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Elodie Cheesman

London Calling, Oxford Balling

The second week of my holiday, I left the sunny climes of Italy for the chilly UK. The mood in Oxford was pretty bizarre – I arrived the day after … Continue reading

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Florence, Flawless

There are some cities that have such distinctive associations – not just with history or landscape, but with certain feelings or moods. Or psychological conditions. Paris, for example, has an eponymous Syndrome, which … Continue reading

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So Roman-tic

The first leg of my trip was the beautiful boot that is Italy, starting knee-high in Rome. I’d been to Rome twice before; once on a Topdeck tour and once … Continue reading

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Passport Pratfalls

Like many young Australians, I consider myself a fairly seasoned traveller. Ours is a wanderlustful culture, driven by the Pinterest-perfect platitude  ‘I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full … Continue reading

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Goodbye Childhood Home?

“Canberra’s just too bloody cold!” It’s my parents’ constant refrain, uttered through blue lips and from within casings of goosedown whenever I Skype home. Usually just a statement of fact (to … Continue reading

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For Appearances’ Sake

Socially, I’ve always had to be wheedled into ‘making an appearance’. A crabby hermit of a child, I lost count of the times my mum had to coax me to, … Continue reading

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Easter: Revamped

As someone who is not a child, does not own a child, and is not Christian, Easter as a cultural celebration means very little to me. Actually, even for child-rearers … Continue reading

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